Ping pong in family gatherings 

Modernity comes with it’s the share of challenges. Parents are busy chasing money forgetting to take the time to carry out their parenting roles hence lack time for their children. To cover up, they buy gadgets for their children to keep them busy as they catch up with modern culture. Children, on the other hand, take advantage of this mess as well as spend time playing video games which are even worse for it does not promote physical exercise and overall mental and social growth of a child. Ping pong is a game to aid in improving the social relation in a family as well as bring the family together for they have a common goal- ping pong.

You want to bring together the extended family for lunch in your home. Why not add fun to the event by acquiring some table tennis equipment to ensure the entire household have fun and interact. During your window shopping, choose a durable equipment, for this paddle is the best for that family function.

Why play ping pong in a family gathering?

This can be an indoor or outdoor activity which involves a lot of physical exercises to promote physical health among the children and adults in equal measure. The physical intensity of the game, body movements and eye coordination increases metabolic activity among the players which further increases blood circulation to vital organs of the body which further reduces excess fat in the body and enhanced muscle mass. This helps one to have a good muscular endurance and agility.

What are the gains children have when they always interact with gadgets at their own free time? What is the overall effect on their personality development? Ping pong( is a competitive game, as they interact in the course of the game, it helps them to build a proper personality for they can accommodate both failure and success which aid in their social development.

Table tennis is a brain game, you have to use your entail acuity to ensure you hit the ball against your opponent to get a win. The body movement and eye coordination at the same time help players to have proper cognitive development ideal for decision making and improving their IQ. As long as you are in a clean state of mind, you involve the use of logic and reasoning in your decisions, ideal for your overall development.

At the end of a ping-pong game in a family gathering, you are exhausted, all you need is a cold bath or a hot bath depending on the type of weather. While you retire for the night, you have a deep sleep and wake up with energy. This helps you to have a proper emotional health. This helps you to manage your time and handle various challenging tasks with ease. If you are a manager, then be sure of the right leadership roles and decision making for the sake of the organization.

Ping pong is a game which promotes the overall growth of an individuals’- socially, mentally, and spiritually.