Mormon Polygamy

Joseph Smith mormonPolygamy has been widely practiced throughout history in many different cultures and, although Mormons today no longer practice it, polygamy is still common in many parts of Africa and Asia, as well in small pockets through North and South America. Another section will ultimately contain articles which discuss polygamy throughout history and in various cultures. In this section we present a few articles from various sources including, a site which contains information and research regarding Mormonism. These are excerpts from scholarly articles and may include short introductions or comments, but will otherwise be reproduced exactly as the authors wrote them.

Answers to FAQ using Scholarly Articles about Mormon Polygamy:

What was the purpose of Mormon Polygamy?

Does the Book of Mormon condemn Polygamy?

Did Joseph Smith marry young girls?

Does the Revelation on Polygamy contradict the Book of Mormon?

Outside Articles:

Did Joseph Smith lie about practicing Polygamy?

Doesn’t the Bible condemn Polygamy?

Did Joseph Smith condemn Polygamy?

Didn’t the Mormons quit Polygamy because of the Government?




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